Tax-Time Peace of Mind with Certified Mail

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Send Your Tax Return via Certified Mail with
Mailing in your tax return? Use Certified Mail to obtain proof that your tax return was accepted by the USPS,blog_certifiedmail-2012 delivered, and signed for. When you use this service, the USPS offers a mailing receipt, provides delivery information, and maintains a copy of the recipient’s signature for two years. In addition, you can request a Return Receipt for a copy of the signature. In the event of any dispute regarding mailing dates, Certified Mail has you covered… and so does!

Process Certified Mail in just a few clicks with
The days when you had to go to the Post Office and manually fill out forms for Certified Mail are long gone. lets you complete every step from your computer in a just a few clicks. Our software gives you access to simple, automated forms and lets you print postage and addresses in one step. Want to confirm the delivery of your tax return? The software automatically records the tracking number for Certified Mail, making it quick and easy to verify delivery online. Return Receipt? does that, too. It’s our way of helping you get your taxes done right.

Find the right Certified Mail form at the Store Wins USPS Mail Technology Award

April 6th, 2012 Comments off has received the USPS Chief Information Officer’s Mail Technology Award at the 2012 National Postal Forum held in Orlando, FL. usps_news-logo

The award, handpicked by the Chief Information Officer of the USPS, recognizes and honors for many key accomplishments — embracing new technologies, delivering winning business results, benefitting the mailing industry, working to improve operations and providing customers with increased value.

In 2011, increased the total postage in its high volume shipping segment by 96% and brought new shipping customers to the USPS by introducing advanced technologies and expanding shipping-oriented marketing activities.

The National Postal Forum is the mailing industry’s largest educational event and trade show. The event was held on April 1-4, 2012.

Free! 2012 Priority Mail Rate Guide

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zone-4aUpdated with 2012 Rates! With three types of Priority Mail to use — regular Priority Mail, Priority Mail Flat Rate  and Priority Mail Regional Rates — finding the lowest cost option for your package can be a challenge.

To simplify everything for shippers, created a FREE downloadable Priority Mail Rate Guide. It provides pricing for each Priority Mail box type, and within an easy-to-use table are Priority Mail boxes listed in order from lowest price to highest price.

NOTE:  Click here to find your USPS postal zone.  Just input your zip code and you’ll get postal zones across the country for your location.

Benefits FREE Priority Mail Rate Guide include:

Find the cheapest Priority Mail rate — The greatest benefit of the guide is that it can be used to identify the most cost-effective option for Priority Mail. The guide does all the work for you! Sending a 3 lb. package from Florida to San Francisco (Zone 8)?  By using the guide, you can identify the cheapest option and save up to $39.87, as shown in the following image:

Avoid the myths about Priority Mail — The guide helps to identify facts about Priority Mail. For example, many shippers think Priority Mail Flat Rate is always the cheapest option based on TV commercials featuring the tagline “If it fits, it ships.” Using the chart will show that regular Priority Mail or Regional Rates are often much cheaper options.

Find low-cost Priority Mail Regional Rates for nationwide shipping — Many shippers think that Regional Rate boxes are only for local shipments in the same region because “Regional” appears in the name. Using the guide will show that Regional Rate boxes are cost-effective for nationwide shipments as well as local shipments.

Find the best Priority Mail Flat Rate for heavy packages — If you are shipping heavy packages, there is no cheaper option than Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes. Using the guide demonstrates this as well.

Download the FREE Priority Mail Rate Guide for personal use and easy referencing now. believes that shipping should be simple, so be sure to take advantage of the Priority Mail Rate Guide! Hits 2 Billion Postage Transactions

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 2Billion_postage-prints-smallRecently celebrated its 2 billionth internet postage transaction! We couldn’t be more excited about it and would like to give a special thanks to you, our customers, for selecting as your USPS® mailing and shipping software provider.

Our goal is to make it simple to mail and ship with the USPS by giving you the tools you need. We’re proud it has resulted in billions of postage transactions that allow people and businesses to save time and money. We hope you continue to benefit from and enjoy

We want to hear from you!
Let us know how we can improve your experience. Simply leave a comment below with suggestions of new features or services you would like us to add to It’s the perfect opportunity to be heard and get involved.

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USPS Ranks #1 in the World for Postal Service

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Rest assured, if you’re mailing and shipping with the U.S. Postal Service, you’re doing business with the best. And not just the best in the country, but also the best in the world. Oxford Strategic Consulting (OSC) recently ranked the USPS number one in the world for postal service. The ranking comes from an OSC report that lists the world’s best postal service providers based on competitive criteria.

What was the judging criteria?
Looking around the globe, OSC examined postal service providers over three years against three key metrics:

  • Access to vital services
  • Resource Efficiency
  • Performance and Public Trust

What it takes to be number one…
What details from the report should you know? That the USPS won over all other providers because of its high operating efficiency and public faith in its performance. In fact, the report shows that the USPS handles over five times more letters per full-time delivery employee than Germany’s privatized provider, Deutsche Post. So if you’ve been placing your mailpieces in the hands of the USPS, keep it up. If you haven’t, you should be. They’re number one — and now they’ve got the ranking to prove it!


Click Here to see the entire Oxford Strategic Consulting report on global postal services here

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