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Make International Shipping Easier With Canada DDP

January 18th, 2024

International shipping can feel like a barrier for many businesses, especially when it comes to determining how to pay duties and taxes. If duties and taxes aren’t paid in advance, your customers will be responsible for the cost when their shipment arrives. Additionally, packages with unpaid taxes and duties can be delayed in customs or returned for lack of payment or being left with the carrier for too long. However, we have a solution for you! Stamps.com provides your business with a way to pay Canadian taxes and duties with Canada DDP. 

What is DDP?

DDP stands for Delivered Duty Paid. All DDP means is that your business pays the duties and taxes for a shipment, so customers don’t have to pay when their package arrives. 

The Benefits of Canada DDP 

Canada DDP can be used with USPS First Class Mail International®, Priority Mail International®*, and Priority Mail Express International®* shipments. The flat fee for using Canada DDP is $9.95 for USPS First Class Mail International®, Priority Mail International®, and Priority Mail Express International®. This fee will be included with the cost of your label, so there’s no need to worry about adjusting your shipping process. Also, shipments using Canada DDP don’t need printed customs forms, as all of the information needed is included with your label. 

*Priority Mail International Medium and Large Flat Rate Boxes aren’t eligible for Canada DDP, so other types of packaging will need to be used. 

Value Limits for Canada DDP 

One thing to note is shipments using Canada DDP have a value limit, meaning the total cost of the items in your shipment can’t pass a certain monetary amount. The value limits for each service can be found below. 

  • First-Class Mail International® – value up to $400
  • Priority Mail International® – value up to $2,500
  • Priority Mail Express International® – value up to $2,500

How to use Canada DDP 

Once you’ve filled out the customs information for a Canadian shipment, select the Duties/Taxes drop-down menu. Click Prepay Duties and Taxes and print your label. 


It takes a split second to take the responsibility of paying taxes and duties from your customers. The flat fee for Canada DDP is included with the cost of your shipping label, so you won’t be taken to another payment screen. Canada DDP is available to all Stamps.com customers, so you can start using this feature on your next Canadian shipment. Adding Canada DDP is only a couple of clicks away! 

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