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Stamps.com Video – Ecommerce Shipping Made Easy

November 15th, 2019

We’ve recently created a new shipping video that showcases how easy it is for ecommerce sellers to import sales order data from the top marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, Yahoo! Stores, Google Checkout, PayPal or even your own shopping cart using Version 8.5.  This process completely eliminates the need to manually input any address data.

Batch print up to 1,000 shipping labels or print individually
Once the sales order data has been imported into Stamps.com, printing USPS shipping labels can be done with just a few clicks.   You can batch print up to 1,000 labels at a time or choose individual labels to print.  Stamps.com Version 8.5 will also automatically post-back shipping details including tracking numbers and delivery info into your eBay or Amazon store.

Other Great Shipping Features Such as SCAN Forms & Priority Mail Rate Discounts
Along with importing sales order data from multiple marketplaces, Stamps.com also provides other great shipping software features such as hidden postage, integrated customs forms, USPS acceptance SCAN forms and Priority Mail rate discounts plus much more.

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    This is a great blog article, I think knowing how to batch print your own shipping labels can be a real time saver for anybody who needs to ship items out of house. By printing your own shipping labels you save a lot of time and money, and I’ve loved the results so far. More packages on time, less damaged packages, and I don’t even leave my house to ship my packages. Thank you for the informative post! Keep em up.

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