Celebrates Customer Care Week!

September 24th, 2014 2 comments
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Dawn S., Director of Customer Care 4th Annual Customer Care Week Celebration! 
We are excited to announce that’s 4th annual Customer Care Week celebration kicks off today at our  headquarters in Los Angeles!  Some background…Customer Care Week is a national event devoted to recognizing the importance of customer care and honoring the people on the front lines of the service revolution.  In 1992 the U.S. Congress proclaimed Customer Care Week a nationally recognized event and service-minded organizations use this week to thank their hard working Customer Care team for taking care of their customers!  

Our theme this year is “ Customer Care is OUT OF THIS WORLD!”   The week will be filled with fun space-themed games, contests and prizes along with other planned activities.  We will be kicking off the week by presenting our Jedi’s with Jedi Training Kits/Jet Packs, which are filled with clever supplies to assist them in providing the best customer experience in the galaxy!  On Tuesday we will host an intergalactic pancake breakfast served by our fearless leaders!   And on Friday we will cap off the week with a spectacular Astro-BBQ and the best costume contest this side of Pluto.’s Customer Care is OUT OF THIS WORLD
It’s sure to be an OUT OF THIS WORLD week of fun and gratitude not only for our amazing and loyal customers, but our hard-working and wonderful Customer Care team.  If you have ever contacted our Customer Care team, you will understand what I’m referring to.  The Customer Care team here at is the best team of Customer Care professionals that I have had the pleasure of working with in all of my 15-years in the Customer Care industry. 

This is my favorite week of the year because we get to celebrate as a team, and a company, the value and considerable contributions our Customer Care team makes to our organization.  At Customer Care, we celebrate our customers, our team, our award-winning software, and the wonderful organization we are privileged to work for.  Please join us in celebrating Customer Care week by wishing a Customer Care professional “HAPPY CUSTOMER CARE WEEK!” if you happen to have the pleasure of speaking with one of our Customer Care team members.

Special Thanks to our Customers!
And a special thank you to all of our customers – we appreciate you, we appreciate your enthusiasm for our software, and we appreciate your business.  

May the force [the Customer Care force that is!] be with you!
Dawn S
Director, Customer Care

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