How to Apply for a Mail-In Postage Refund (Video)

November 15th, 2019 Comments off

If you have a postage misprint where you print on the back of your NetStamps label sheet, or you print incorrectly on the front, you will need to mail-in a postage refund request to  Watch this video to see how easy the mail-in refund process is.

The U.S. Postal Service manages all refunds for postage misprints, and they require physical proof of the misprint for the following items:

  • Misprints on the FRONT of any NetStamps label sheet
  • Misprints on the BACK of any NetStamps label sheet
  • Misprints on any mailing label
  • Misprints on any envelope with postage printed directly on the envelope

Shipping labels that have been misprinted that include a USPS Tracking barcode are eligible for Electronic Refunds.  The entire postage refund process can be handled inside the software or web site.

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