3 Ways to Go Green at Your Office

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Going green at the office doesn’t have to be difficult, small and simple changes can actually make a huge impact on the environment.  Most people, when they think about going green, start at home. This is a great first step, but in reality we spend a lot of time at work.  We have outlined three simple and effective ways to start making your workplace more environmentally friendly. blog_recycle-box

#1 Swap this for that

Thinking like, “I need to buy green, all or nothing,” just doesn’t work.  Instead, try and swap out products for a more environmentally friendly versions when it is time to make a purchase and it is available. Switching to recyclyed paper, recycled legal pads, and even recycled furniture also isn’t as expensive as you would think. If you need more help, Shoplet.com has a neat “green your cart” feature that will actually show you if an item in your shopping cart has a green alternative.

#2 Double down and Double Side

Many times in the office we let supplies just go to waste. Not only are we harming the environment, but also our bottom lines. That is because every time we waste supplies we need to buy more; and more supplies means less money to spend on real business. One quick trick is to simply refill empty ink cartridges rather than tossing them aside. Also, when at the printer, try printing double sided; you’ll cut your paper usage (and paper budget) in half.

#3 The break-room, not the waste room

Coffee in the break room is sacred, but re-buying cups again and again is wasteful and harmful to the environment. Instead, consider providing employees with mugs with a company logo on them, which are not only better for the environment, but also great for team spirit and company branding.

shoplet_logoIf you need help going green at your office, visit Shoplet.com to receive 10% off your order. Shoplet.com has over 20,000 environmentally friendly products to choose from and over 400,000 total office and business supplies.

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