Printing Postage on Window Envelopes (Video)

November 15th, 2019 Comments off

If you are a small business who sends out a lot of checks or invoices, then window envelopes are a great option for you to save time.  By allowing the check or invoice address to show through the window, you eliminate the need to print the address on the outside of the envelope. offers a great way to use these time-savers by offering a heat resistant window envelope that won’t melt in a laser or inkjet printer.  This special envelope, which comes in single window or double window options, allows you to print postage directly onto the window envelope.

Special features of window envelopes include:
• Special heat-resistant window does not melt when printing postage using a laser printer
• The tinted pattern inside discourages reading sensitive information through the envelope
• Laser and inkjet printer compatible

How to Print Postage on Window Envelopes:
To print postage directly onto your envelope select the “Envelope – #10” option when using the “Envelopes” interface in the software. This option will be available in the “Printing On” drop-down menu when the mailpiece is set to letters.

Before you print, make sure you uncheck the boxes next to the “Return” and “Delivery Address” fields. so that those fields do not print. For single window envelopes, uncheck the “Delivery Address” box. For double window envelopes, uncheck the “Delivery Address” and “Return Address” boxes.

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