Buying a Package Shipping Scale – Helpful Tips

September 24th, 2014 11 comments

digital-scaleOne of the best features of online postage from is that you can print it out in the comfort of your home or office. However, if you’re sending a package, you’ll need to know how much it weighs first. Purchasing the right shipping scale can make your packaging shipping tasks go more quickly.

Analyze Your Shipping Needs Before Buying a Scale
Before you buy a scale, it’s important to assess your shipping needs. If you ship fewer than 600 packages a month, then the consumer-grade scales available through will be perfect for your needs. When you sign up with, you will receive a free 5-pound digital shipping scale that will accurately weigh your package and upload that information to the software. There is also a 25-pound scale available from the Store that has function keys and includes a LCD display.

If you ship more than 600 items per month, you’ll want to buy an industrial shipping scale. These sturdy steel scales have readouts that give precise package information that you can enter into your software. Industrial scales with digital readouts are easy to move around, but cheaper mechanical scales will go out of calibration quickly if they are moved regularly.

When it comes to shipping scales, it pays to think ahead. If you anticipate that your business will be shipping heavier items in the future, invest in a scale that can weigh larger items. Even if you don’t use that feature right away, you’ll be prepared when the first heavy package needs to be weighed.

Shipping Scale Features: Small Details Are Important
Your scale’s features are very important. The scale should be able to measure in kilograms, ounces and pounds to ensure that you aren’t overpaying for postage. Pay attention to how the scale is powered, as many smaller digital scales only can run on batteries. However, some scales can use an A/C adapter instead.

Choose a scale that’s a name brand. If you’ve never bought a scale before, research your pending purchase online before committing. Off-brand scales don’t always carry the guarantee that a name-brand scale would. Top brands include WeighMax and Digiweigh.

If you are using your scale to receive money for goods or services based on weight, you will need to have the scale certified by the National Type Evaluation Program. These scales must be regularly checked by your state’s Bureau of Weights and Measures.

A good scale, like a good Internet connection, is rarely discussed. If you buy the right scale to start, you won’t have to revisit (or regret) your purchase.

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