Understanding USPS International Shipping Zones

May 10th, 2016 Comments off

Not sure what price group to use for a flat rate envelope to Switzerland?  Check out the table below to determine shipping zones for your shipments for each country.


Changes to USPS International Flat Rate Products
As of January 17th, 2016, all Priority Mail International and Priority Mail Express International Flat Rate products moved from a two-price system (one price for Canada and one price for every other country) to a multi-tiered pricing structure.  This restructuring means that your shipments will be priced based on their destination rather than their weight.  Keep in mind that the price group for the same country may change depending on the mail piece, so, for example, Antigua and Barbuda is in Price Group 9 for Priority Mail International but Price Group 8 for the Priority Mail International Large Flat Rate Boxes.

How To Find USPS International Zones
It is always a good practice to give your customers quotes and price estimates.  So how do you find out beforehand under which price group your destination falls under?  Check out USPS’ Country Max Limits and Price Groups Finder.  This calculator will allow you to determine maximum weights for each mail piece as well as average transit times.

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