Understanding the Metered Mail $0.485 First Class Letter Rate

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In January 2014, the USPS introduced a special Metered Mail category for First Class Mail letters with postage printed using Online Postage (such as Stamps.com) or a postage meter.  This category was introduced to encourage the use of Metered Mail by small businesses.  Metered Mail costs the USPS significantly less compared to letters with regular postage stamps.  Not only do these customers avoid going to the Post Office, but also these mail pieces are already bar coded and addresses pre-cleansed.

Changes to USPS Metered Mail Rate – Starts May 31, 2015

On May 31, 2015, the USPS will be increasing the Metered Mail rate by half a cent to $0.485 from $0.48.  The retail (or Post Office) rate will stay at $0.49, bringing the Metered Mail discount down from 2% in 2014 to 1% in 2015.  Additional ounces will now cost $0.22.

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Click here to learn how your Metered Mail letters will be processed at the Post Office.

Use Stamps.com Version 13.0 for the New Metered Mail Rate

Make sure to download and use Stamps.com Version 13.0 for the new Metered Mail rate that will automatically be updated for you on Sunday, May 31, 2015.  When printing NetStamps, customers will have the option to automatically select the $0.485 Metered Mail rate or manually enter the stamp amount up to the third decimal place.

Three Digit Balances Will Now Appear in Stamps.com

Don’t worry if you start seeing a three digit postage balance or $0.485 printed on your envelope – This is to incorporate the new Metered Mail rate.  For a misprint refund, you will be refunded exactly what you printed, precisely up to the third decimal place.  However, if you decided to close your Stamps.com account and had a postage balance of $6.105 as an example, your balance would be rounded up to the nearest decimal and your refund would be $6.11.

New $0.48 Metered Mail Rate Starts for First Class Mail Letters

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Stamps.com customers now pay only $0.48 to send a First Class Mail letter (one ounce)

With the 2014 U.S. Postal Service rates starting on Sunday, January 26, 2014, a new “Metered Mail” rate was introduced for all online postage vendors (i.e. Stamps.com) and postage meters.

This new Metered Mail rate provides a one cent discount for one ounce First Class Mail letters – Stamps.com customers now pay only $0.48 instead of $0.49 to send a letter.

The one cent reduction equates to a 2% discount for all First Class Letter mail.

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