Top Questions & Video: 2013 Postage Rate Increase Webinar

September 24th, 2014 Comments off recently held a webinar on the 2013 USPS postage rate increase that occurred on January 27, 2013. If you missed the webinar, watch the recording below.

Here are the top questions and answers from the webinar:


Question from Cyndi: Are the Forever Stamps still valid to use today even if purchased last week?
Yes, if you purchased Forever Stamps from the Post Office (or another location), you can still use them today to mail a one-ounce first class letter.

Question from JoAnn: I have a supply of stamps printed with $0.45 from  Can I use those or do I need to add $0.01 stamps to the letters?
Since the USPS now charges $0.46 to send a one-ounce first class letter, you will need to add a $0.01 stamp to your letter in order for it to be delivered by the USPS.

Question from Sonia: I see Delivery Confirmation now costs $0.20 I thought online it was free. Can you please let us now if it does cost or is free?
DC is free for First Class Package Service, Parcel Select, Priority Mail and Express Mail shipments. For all other mail classes it’s only 20 cents.

Question from Leslie: If we download the latest version of software, will our settings/address book still be available?
Yes, when you download the latest version of software (Version 10.0), all of your address books, batch profiles and settings will remain the same.

Question from Linda: How do we get the Commercial Base discounts for printing postage online?
If you print shipping labels using (or any online postage vendor), you automatically qualify to receive Commercial Base pricing.  These rates should be automatically calculated when you print postage.

Question from Sandy: Where can I find the qualifications to apply for Commercial Plus Pricing from the USPS? supports Commercial Plus pricing if you qualify.  Please contact at 1-888-434-0055 or your local USPS sales representative to determine if you qualify for Commercial Plus pricing. Generally, you need to send at least 5,000 letter-size  and flat-size Priority Mail pieces (including Flat Rate Envelopes, but not the Padded Flat Rate Envelope) or 75,000 total Priority Mail pieces in the previous calendar year.

Question from Paula: Did the price of Certified Mail increase?
Yes, Certified Mail increased on January 27, 2013 to $3.10 from $2.95

Question from Jolene: Can I get the link to the 2013 USPS Postage Rate Increase that gave out?
Download the free 2013 USPS Postage Rate Increase guide (15-page PDF) at:


Question from Yana: Is there a price difference between Priority Mail Regional Rate Boxes and Priority Mail Mailing Boxes (not flat rate)?
Yes, there are three types of Priority Mail and all three have different pricing structures.  Regional Rate Boxes have a different price than both Priority Mail Flat Rate and regular Priority Mail.   Get more info at:

Question from Mike: Are Priority Mail Regional Rate Boxes the same as Priority Mail Flat Rate in appearance?
Regional Rate boxes are similar in size, but have different actual dimensions compared to Priority Mail Flat Rate options.  As an example, Regional Rate Box A is sized at 10″ 1/8 x 7 ” 1/8 x 5″ (top loading).  That is just a little smaller than the Priority Mail Flat Rate Medium Box.  Get more info on Regional Rate Box sizes.

Question from Glen: Does Priority Mail International Flat Rate Envelopes include Padded Envelopes?
Yes, there are three types of Priority Mail International Flat Rate Envelopes and padded envelopes are included.  The other two are the regular Flat Rate envelope and the Legal Flat Rate envelope.  Cost to send all three for Priority Mail International is $19.95.


Question from Bob: Will I need to throw away my Customs Declaration CN22 forms (start with “LC”) if I ship First Class Package International Service to Canada and want the new free Delivery Confirmation?
Yes, if you want to see Delivery Confirmation for your First Class Package International Service packages going to Canada, you will need to use a new Customs Form. will automatically print the updated Customs Form for you when you print First class Package International Service to Canada.

Question from Brien: Will the tracking for Canada you showed for First Class International be available at no cost for Priority Mail as well?
Delivery Confirmation for packages traveling to Canada will be included on First Class Package International Service as well as Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelopes and Priority Mail Flat Rate Small Boxes as well.  Other types of Priority Mail International have already included some form of tracking.

Question from Steve: When will the tracking numbers for Canadian shipments be able to track deliveries to the house?
As of January 27, 2013, any First Class Package International Service (or Priority Mail Flat Rate envelope or small box) going to a Canada address will include Delivery Confirmation.  It’s important to note that CanadaPost is only scanning the package one time — at the delivery or attempted delivery.

Question from Laurie: so before the increase did not offer any discount for First Class Mail International but now they do?
Yes, the USPS has moved the First Class Package International Service mail class into the “competitive services” category.  This allows the USPS to offer up to 10% off Post Office rates if you print postage from an online vendor such as


Question from Randall: What are the domestic delivery times for the new Parcel Select service?
Parcel Select delivery is very similar to the former Parcel Post with delivery occurring in 2 to 9 days.

Question from Dave: I’m still seeing Parcel Post as an option in my software.  Where do I download the new version?
In order to stop seeing Parcel Post as a mailing option in your software, you will need to download the new version 10.0.  Download it today for free at

Question from Jennie: Can we still process Parcel Post through the
No, you will no longer be able to print Parcel Post using  The USPS has replaced the Parcel Post with Parcel Select for all online postage vendors.  Once the Parcel Select label is printed, you can hand your package to the mail carrier — no Post Office trip is required.

Question from Trish: Does Parcel Select ship by ground?
Yes, Parcel Select is a ground transportation by the USPS.  It is comparable service to FedEx Ground and UPS Ground.

Question from Antoinette: So there is no way to use Parcel Post or Standard Post with
Correct. Parcel Post is no longer available from the USPS.  If you print postage online, you will need to use Parcel Select.  And if you go to the Post Office, you will need to use Standard Post.  Both services offer delivery in 2 to 9 days.

The only difference is where the USPS allows you to purchase the two different mail classes.  Parcel Select is only available online or through an approved USPS vendor.   Standard Post is only available at the Post Office.  Both services include free Delivery Confirmation and both provide delivery in 2 to 9 days.

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