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Blog_Easily Mail Wedding Invitations With Stamps.comPlanning a wedding can be stressful, especially when you’re on a budget.  One of the essential tasks during wedding planning is selecting and sending out invitations to your guests.  Keep your stress levels low and be prepared by learning how much you’ll need to spend on postage to mail out your wedding invitations!

What You Need To Know About First Class Mail Postage
A standard First Class Mail envelope measures between 5” and 11.5” in length, between 3.5″ and 6.125” in height and between .007” and 0.25” in thickness with a maximum weight of up to 3.5 oz.

Postage for your First Class Mail wedding invitation is determined by how much the envelope weighs.  You get a 1% metered mail discount if you use online postage with Stamps.com.

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Extra Fee for Square and Odd Shaped Wedding Invitations
Wedding invitations (and even holiday greeting cards) may not always comply with the USPS standards for First Class Mail.  If your custom invites are square, odd-shaped, or have non-standard closures like clamps or strings, the USPS will charge a $0.22 surcharge per mail piece.  The additional surcharge fee can add up quickly if you are sending invitations to a large group of guests.  Often times, square shaped wedding and greeting cards are discounted, but if you don’t want to pay the additional surcharge fee, stick to the standard envelope size for First Class Mail!

How To Mail Wedding Invitations With Stamps.com
To make things easier, you can weigh your sample wedding invitation using your Stamps.com digital scale.  This way you’ll also know exactly how much it’ll cost to mail all your invitations.

As a finishing touch, you can even customize your mail piece by using one of Stamps.com’s wedding-themed NetStamps or by creating personalized PhotoStamps.

Save money and eliminate trips to the Post Office by printing postage for your wedding invitations right from your computer using Stamps.com.

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