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Customer Profile: MO Consulting Legal Services

September 24th, 2014

MO Consulting is a legal services company located in Los Angeles, CA.  CEO Marge Okabe was looking for ways to save  time processing her monthly invoices.  On the advice of a friend, she signed up for Stamps.com.  We recently spoke with Marge to talk about her mail program.  MO Consulting has been a Stamps.com customer since December of 2000.  MO-Consulting

Before using Stamps.com, how did you process your invoices?
We were wasting about two to three hours each month on our invoice procedure as we printed the addresses on envelopes and then manually applied postage stamps to each individual envelope.  We often ran into a problem when an envelope was heavier than the others and required additional postage.   Prior to Stamps.com, I just guessed the weight of each envelope and added more first class postage if the envelope felt heavier than the others.  With hundreds of invoices to send each month, the process was very time consuming and we were applying more postage than the envelopes needed to at least 40% of our invoices.  With Stamps.com, I can get the exact weight of each envelope using the free scale and apply the correct postage.

Besides printing postage, are there other Stamps.com features that have helped your business?
The ability to print postage, delivery address and return address has been a huge time-saver for us.  We were able to import all of our account payable contacts from Microsoft Outlook directly into the Stamps.com address book.  Once the data was loaded, we can print postage and both the delivery address and return address in one pass through the printer.  This feature alone has saved us at least 90 minutes per week.

Have you used other Stamps.com MS Office integrations?
The compatibility with Stamps.com and Microsoft Office has made things very easy for us.   With just a few  macro’s set-up in the database, I can have the form letters and envelopes print out in alphabetical order to help me speed up the stuffing process.   Prior to Stamps.com, the mailings would take about an hour or two as we matched the recipient address from letters to envelopes.   But with Stamps.com, I can process 1600 raw data recipients in about 20 minutes. TIME can’t be recycled once it’s gone. 

Do you use Cost Codes on your mailings?
Yes, the cost code feature helps me bill postage costs to the appropriate client.   I also use Stamps.com for my personal mail, so the cost codes make it easy for me in April at tax time to sort business postage costs from personal.

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