Zen Cart USPS Shipping Integration

June 10th, 2010 Comments off

Stamps.com has exciting news for our ecommerce customers: we’ve just introduced a new integration with Zen Cart, a popular (and free!) ecommerce shopping cart.  Zen Cart is an open-source platform designed to make ecommerce as simple as possible for merchants and customers.  With Zen Cart, nearly anyone can start and maintain an ecommerce site.

Available at no additional charge to new and existing Stamps.com customers, this new USPS ecommerce shipping integration allows Zen Cart users to import customer order data and print shipping labels for all USPS mail classes, domestic or international.  After printing your shipping labels, Stamps.com automatically posts order status details such as tracking number, ship date, and mail class back to the Zen Cart database.


Batch printing
Easily retrieve order data directly from the Zen Cart database to quickly batch print up to 1,000 labels at a time.  No more copying and pasting addresses one at a time.  Thermal printers are supported for even faster printing.

Print any Mail Class – Including First Class Postage
With Stamps.com, you’re not limited to Priority or Express shipments.  Stamps.com prints all USPS mail classes, including First Class Domestic or International.  For international shipments, Stamps.com will even print out tricky customs forms – all without a trip to the Post Office.

Hidden Postage
This feature allows online sellers to maximize profits by charging shipping and handling fees that more accurately reflect your postage, packaging and handling costs. Many of our customers report that by using Hidden Postage Labels, they have reduced the number of customer complaints they receive regarding shipping and handling fees.

Get Started Now
To integrate your Zen Cart store with Stamps.com, simply follow these Zen Cart connection instructions.  This integration is free for new and existing Stamps.com customers.

We are excited to bring this integration to the Zen Cart community!  If you have any questions or feedback, please be sure to let us know so that we can help make this integration as useful as possible.

Print USPS Postage from Inside QuickBooks Software (Beta)

March 10th, 2010 6 comments

New Stamps.com Plug-in for QuickBooks software (BETA)
Stamps.com has exciting news for all our customers who use QuickBooks accounting software. As you know, QuickBooks is the most popular accounting program for small businesses throughout the US. While our current QuickBooks plug-in for the Stamps.com software allowed you to easily import addresses into the Stamps.com software to print postage, we still received many customer requests to build a deeper integration into the actual QuickBooks software.

Quickbooks Plug-in Requirements (BETA): download-plugin
— Need to be a registered Stamps.com customer.
— Must have the latest version of Stamps.com (8.6.1).
— Must be using QuickBooks 2005 or later.
— Need to be Admin in QuickBooks. If not Admin, you’ll need Admin to authorize the plug-in before you see it.

Download the QuickBooks plug-in now!

Print Postage Without Ever Leaving QuickBooks
After months of work, Stamps.com is happy to announce the launch of a new plug-in for the QuickBooks program. The plug-in will add the “Print Postage with Stamps.com” option inside your “File” menu inside QuickBooks. This will allow you to buy and print postage directly inside the QuickBooks software without ever having to leave the accounting program. There is no need to cut & paste or manually type any data — the plug-in will automatically utilize your existing delivery address data that is stored in QuickBooks and import it into the Stamps.com postage printing window!

Questions?  Get more info on the new Stamps.com QuickBooks plug-in. No additional hardware or equipment is required.

Once you download the plug-in from Stamps.com, you’ll be able to buy and print postage for all USPS mail classes including International postage. You’ll also be able to add special services such as Certified Mail to your mail piece. Printing postage for a particular invoice will be as easy as opening the invoice, selecting the correct mailing address and clicking the “Print Postage with Stamps.com” option.


 Get All USPS Special Services Inside QuickBooks
The new QuickBooks plug-in will let you print postage on envelopes, NetStamps or shipping labels, view your print and purchase histories, and buy postage supplies. You can also compare USPS rates, and choose the most cost-effective way to send your mail. The print window will let you verify the address, choose how you want to send the package, pick extra services such as Delivery Confirmation and select a cost code if you use them in your business.

Together with QuickBooks, Stamps.com’s new plug-in adds a seamless transition between the back end of your business and how you do business.

Download the Stamps.com QuickBooks plug-in today and start printing postage without ever leaving QuickBooks!

Important Note:   This QuickBooks Postage Printing plug-in is still in beta-test mode.   If you encounter any problems, please call Stamps.com Tech Support at 1-888-434-0055 (open 6am to 6pm PT) for help.

Call us toll-free at 1-888-434-0055, Monday - Friday, 6 AM - 6 PM Pacific Time.