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Customer Profile: Paul’s Watch & Clock Repair

September 25th, 2009

Paul’s Watch & Clock Repair is a family owned and operated business located in pauls-watchSacramento, California.  Besides being an apprentice watch repairman, owner Raimond Irimescu oversees all aspects of the store’s outgoing shipments.   Paul’s Watch & Clock Repair has been a Stamps.com customer since May 2008.  We recently asked Raimon a few questions about his mailing and shipping program:

Before using Stamps.com, how did you process your mailing and shipping needs?
Previously, I would go to the Post Office which usually meant delays due to long lines.  Since I ship to many different countries and use a lot of special services, I also encountered inexperienced clerks that made check out much more complicated.

For a short period,  I tried to ship using UPS.   But UPS ended up being a disaster for me.  Along with fees for practically everything, I also encountered poor service such as damaged packages and unsafe shipments (no mailboxes-drop offs by front door).  I mailed thousands of packages with the USPS and rarely received a complaint from my customers…until I used UPS.  I then received 4 complaints in the first week and so I stopped using UPS.

Why did you choose to start using Stamps.com?
I needed a solution that could save me time and money and be able to process international shipments.  I can do that now with Stamps.com.   There is no other place online that I know of that offers me the ability to send a package to a worldwide destination using First Class Mail or will allow me to print a simple stamp for a letter!

Has Stamps.com made your shipping process more efficient? 
Since I started using Stamps.com, I am saving lot of time that was previously wasted waiting in line at the post office.  I am also tracking packages easier and faster since I have quick access to my shipment records.   The reporting feature is a big change from before when I would have to manually search for paper receipts when I had a mailing inquiry from a customer.

Also, the software allows me to do everything in the store — insure packages for high values, send Registered Mail, use First Class Mail International, etc.   I also can print stamps without having to leave the house or store. I use Stamps.com at work and at home as well.

Have you been able to lower mailing costs using Stamps.com?
Yes, since I send a lot of Priority Mail International, I am able to use the special online discounts.   Plus, since I send out a lot of packages, I qualify for the USPS Commercial Plus discount program.   For me, it definitely adds up to big money.

Do you have a favorite function in the Stamps.com software?
I have many different favorite functions.   Overall, I find Stamps.com easy to use.  I love the fact that I can insure  every package and I have shipping reports saved automatically and at my fingertips.   Plus, Stamps.com will help me during tax time since my shipping expenses are well organized and easy to find!

Get more info on Paul’s Watch & Clock Repair at their web site:  http://www.PaulsWatchandClockRepair.com or call (916) 483-0207.

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