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Customer Spotlight: Kat Simpson of KatsKloset.com

September 24th, 2014

Kat Simpson has been selling women’s fashions online since 1997.  She operates her own website, KatsKloset.com and also sells on eBay, Amazon and Bonanza.  Along with being an entrepreneur, Kat is a certified eBay education specialist and often teaches new sellers how to find selling opportunities.  She lives in Montgomery, Alabama.

Stamps.com recently caught up with Kat at the eBay Radio party in Las Vegas.

Tell us about yourself and your business.
I’m Kat Simpson from KatsKloset.com  I sell products invented by women for women, such as shoes, hats and hand cream.  We donate 10% of our proceeds to a women’s charity in Honduras and I’m a Stamps.com user and I love it!!!

How are you using Stamps.com to ship your products?
I’m using Stamps.com to make my life easier!   Shipping is one of the most time-intensive processes for an entrepreneur like myself.  So if I can use a service like Stamps.com to import all of my sales order data and I don’t have to retype it four different times in four different places, that software becomes a huge time-saver for me.  Stamps.com imports the sales order data automatically from eBay and Amazon – for my Amazon orders, it really cuts my shipping time because I haven’t found any other program that imports orders from Amazon the way Stamps.com does.  Stamps.com brings the order info into the software, I hit the button and tell it the software how much the product weighs and Stamps.com prints that pretty little shipping label out.  Afterward, in a wonder of wonders, Stamps.com goes back into Amazon and updates the order with a delivery tracking number. 

Tell us more about how Stamps.com saves you time.
The best part about Stamps.com for me and my business is that it processes my Amazon orders almost seamlessly.  I don’t have to go into Amazon and grab the customer info and paste it into the shipping software and then go back to Amazon and copy and paste the tracking number. Stamps.com does all of that for me – the software saves me a ton of time with Amazon orders —  and that’s why I love it.

Check out Kat’s site at KatsKloset.com or follow her on Twitter @katskloset

Thanks for watching!  For more information, be sure to watch our video on importing orders from your ecommerce store.

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