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Free Guide: Easily Compare Priority Mail Rates

September 24th, 2014

Stamps.com has released the 2014 edition of its popular Priority Mail Rate Comparison Guide. The PDF guide is FREE – download it now!


When pricing out a package, shippers can select from three types of Priority Mail along with the Flat Rate Padded Envelope. With so many options, finding the lowest rate for your package can be a challenge.

To simplify everything for shippers, Stamps.com created the FREE Priority Mail Rate Comparison Guide. The Guide provides rates for each type of Priority Mail by weight and shipping zone. Once you find your package weight and the specific shipping zone your package is being delivered to, you’ll be able to see all the Priority Mail rate options listed in order from lowest price to highest price.


Example of 1 lb. package, shipped to Zones 1 and 2. Note the cheapest option is regular Priority Mail at $5.05

The guide provides you with an easy way to find the lowest Priority Mail cost for your package. Rates are included for regular Priority Mail, Priority Mail Flat Rate (boxes and padded envelope) and Priority Mail Regional Rate boxes.

Download the FREE 2014 Priority Mail Rate Comparison Guide (PDF file) now!

NOTE: Click here to find your USPS postal zone. Just input your zip code and you’ll get postal zones across the country for your location.

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