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Parcel Select: Summary of 2016 USPS Rate Increase

February 19th, 2016

What is Parcel Select Ground?
Parcel Select Ground is a ground delivery service from the USPS typically used by large- and medium-sized shippers. The service includes free USPS Tracking and shipping rates are determined by distance, package weight and dimensions of the mailpiece.  The maximum allowable package weight for Parcel Select is 70 lbs.

Parcel Select Ground can only be purchased via online postage vendors such as Stamps.com or Endicia. If you are a high volume shipper, you can purchase postage directly from the USPS using contract services, however packages are required to be dropped off at a Destination Entry facility.

What is the Estimated Delivery Time for Parcel Select Ground?
Parcel Select Ground offers U.S. delivery within two to eight days, depending on the destination.

Changes to Parcel Select in 2016
Name Change to Parcel Select Ground
The USPS is changing the name of Parcel Select (Nonpresort) to Parcel Select Ground in 2016.

Rate are Decreasing in Zones 1-5
For packages weighing between 3 lbs. to 70 lbs. that shipping to Zones 1 – 5, Parcel Select Ground rates are decreasing by as much as $12.73 (20 lbs., Zone 5) per package in 2016.



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