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Video: Holiday Sourcing Tips from Thrifting with the Boys

September 24th, 2014

If you sell on eBay, then you will not want to miss this great video on how to source products at thrift stores. Jason Smith and Bryan Goodman of “Thrifting with the Boys” share tips and tricks in this Spreecast on what products to look for and how to sell them on eBay.  This is a must-watch video for any eBay seller!

About ThriftingWithTheBoys.com:
Jason Smith and Bryan Goodman are Top Rated Sellers who have each been selling on eBay for over 10 years. Nearly all of the products they sell come from thrift stores. Known in the eBay community as “Thrifting with the Boys,” Bryan and Jason are regular guests on eBay Radio and recently presented at eBay on Location in Philadelphia.

About TopRatedSellerWebinars.com:
This video presentation was part of the TopRatedSellerWebinar series.  TopRatedSellerWebinars.com is a FREE monthly webinar series that provides educational information for eBay and e-commerce sellers.  The webinar series is underwritten by Stamps.com, PageMage, Outright, eBay Radio and Terapeak.

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