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Customer Spotlight: Bryan Goodman of BiggestShoes.com

September 24th, 2014

Bryan “Mr. Bigfoot” Goodman lives in Boston, MA and has been selling on eBay since 1998.  He shares his knowledge about ecommerce, social media and selling online as a co-host of RRBRadio.com, a weekly online radio show specializing in ecommerce tips and tricks for sellers.  Bryan is a frequent participant at Ebay and ecommerce events throughout the country.

Stamps.com recently asked Bryan some questions on how the software has helped his shipping program:

Tell us about yourself and your business?
My name is Bryan Goodman and you can find me on eBay as “Mr. Bigfoot”. You can see my eBay store by going to BiggestShoes.com. My site sells shoes, large men’s clothing and a variety of other items — both big and small.

How has Stamps.com helped your shipping program for your ecommerce store?
Stamps.com provided me the ability to print First Class Mail International labels for my overseas orders.  Also, the software integrated so well with my eBay store that it helped streamline the shipping process and therefore saved me a lot of time.  

How do you get your data from eBay into the Stamps.com software?
My previous shipping method required me to copy & paste the delivery address from eBay into my postage platform.  Once I shipped the product, I then had to again copy & paste the delivery confirmation tracking number back into My eBay account so the buyer could see the number. 

With Stamps.com, this process is completely automated allowing me to focus on other, more important tasks (like selling).  The software automatically imports the delivery address and also posts-back the delivery confirmation number to “My eBay” account.  Since I ship a lot of First Class Mail International packages and delivery confirmation is not available for that mail class, Stamps.com will post the Customs Form number which is perfect for me.

Check out Bryan’s site at BiggestShoes.com or follow him on Twitter @misterbigfoot

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