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Stamps.com Announces Integration with DigitalShipper Software

September 24th, 2014

I’m thrilled to announce Stamps.com’s new integration with DigitalShipper, a multi-carrier shipping software thatdigitalshipper_logo connects enterprise branches, warehouses and distribution centers to a single shipping architecture.

DigitalShipper’s multi-carrier platform allows users to select a shipping carrier from a single all-encompassing interface. The carrier selection consists of the U.S. Postal Service® via Stamps.com, FedEx and UPS. The software also includes regional carriers such as OnTrac, Spee-Dee Delivery, Eastern Connection, Prestige Delivery Systems, Pitt-Ohio and Dunham Express.

Here are some of the key features available to DigitalShipper customers:

  • Multiple shipping carriers are included on one easy-to-use interface to optimize navigation
  • Ability to compare the negotiated carrier rates of multiple carriers easily and quickly
  • Enhanced visibility of special pricing offers to help customers select the most cost-efficient option
  • Ability to compare ground services to air services and select the best method for additional savings

The new Stamps.com integration will allow DigitalShipper users to easily print all USPS® mail classes and access online postage discounts for Priority Mail®, Express Mail® and First-Class Mail® without ever leaving the DigitalShipper interface. Needless to say, Stamps.com is excited to introduce customers to this new integration and features!


Screenshot from DigitalShipper software interface

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