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UPS Holiday Surcharges Waived for Stamps.com Customers

May 3rd, 2023
UPS Holiday surcharges waived for Stamps.com customers

The holiday season is, for many, the most important sales period of the year. Small and medium-sized businesses will be pressured to cut prices to remain competitive with larger companies.

Together, UPS and Stamps.com, have helped thousands of SMBs that have pivoted to an e-commerce model or increased their online presence. When you create a UPS account within Stamps.com, many common surcharges are waived saving you even more money!

Eliminated UPS Fees & Surcharges for Stamps.com Customers
Discounted UPS Fees & Surcharges
Fuel SurchargesDelivery Area Air & Residential Surcharges
Ground Residential SurchargeAddition Handling Fees
Delivery Area Rural Ground Commercial SurchargeLarge Package Fees
Delivery Area Rural Ground Residential SurchargeDaily On-Route Pickup Fees
Residential Pickup SurchargeSmart Pickup Fees
Residential Pickup Area SurchargeOn Call Pickup Fees
Return Label Surcharge (Print & Electronic)

How to Add UPS Shipping to Your Stamps.com Account

Adding UPS to your Stamps.com account couldn’t be easier. Go to “Settings” in your Stamps.com account, select “Add a Carrier” and select “UPS.”  Once you activate your account, you’ll be ready to ship and take advantage of all the benefits of UPS through Stamps.com.

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