GlobalPost Introduces USPS Canada DDP Service to Help Avoid Delays and Returns

September 25th, 2020 Comments off

GlobalPost is excited to announce the launch of USPS Canada Delivered Duties Paid (DDP) service for shipping customers.

USPS Canada DDP allows customers to prepay duties and taxes for their First Class Package International Service parcels to Canada. For a flat fee of $6.95, packages of 4 lbs. or less will be delivered directly to the buyer’s door without having to pay required customs fees upon delivery, or having to travel to the Customs Office to pick up their package.

GlobalPost’s USPS Canada DDP service offers online retailers these great benefits:

Better Customer Experience: With sellers paying DDP, the buyer receives a smooth and easy delivery experience.

Decreased Returns: Shipments that arrive with duties owed face a high rate of refusal, or abandonment, as unhappy consumers refuse to pay the additional costs. When customers refuse a package, the seller typically has to pay the return shipping fees to get the package back.

Increased Sales Conversion: DDP is designed to help online retailers improve their shopping cart conversion rate for Canadian orders. Without DDP, customers are left guessing their total fees and end up abandoning their cart.

Eliminates $9.95 Surcharge: If Canadian duties and taxes are assessed by customs and DDP was not included, Canada Post collects the fees upon delivery, plus an additional $9.95 surcharge.  That extra surcharge could end up being a large percentage of the overall product cost, cutting further into the seller’s margin.

How GlobalPost’s USPS Canada DDP service works:

It’s easy. When preparing a First Class Package International Service label to Canada in, open the Duties/Taxes drop down menu and select “Prepay Duties and Taxes.” That’s all there is to it.

Note: If you are using Software for your PC, you must upgrade to the latest version of the software to use Canada DDP.  Download now.

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USPS Removes 8 Countries from Suspension List

September 23rd, 2020 Comments off

The USPS has resumed services to eight countries that were previously suspended. Normal mail services have once again resumed to The Bahamas, Butan, Botswana, Cayman Islands, Eswatini, Lesotho, Malawi, South Africa.

As of September 23, 2020, 37 counties remain on the USPS Suspension list. For more information visit the Coronavirus Shipping Page.

Additionally, the USPS has received updates from two international postal carriers regarding their response to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Canada: Canada Post has announced that the delivery procedure changes previously announced remain in effect. Additionally, Canada Post has restored the 15-day limit for customers to retrieve their parcels after receiving a card with instructions. Mail items will be returned to sender if they are not collected within 15 days.

El Salvador: Correos de El Salvador has advised that the closure of El Salvador International Airport has had a direct impact on inbound and outbound mail items. As a result, the processing and delivery of mail is subject to delays.

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GlobalPost Upgrades Standard International Shipping Service

September 1st, 2020 Comments off

Now ship up to 70 lbs. with door-to-door tracking to over 200 countries.

GlobalPost has always been a great choice for affordable, hassle-free international shipping. We’ve recently made a number of improvements to the service while maintaining our existing pricing.  Now you can use GlobalPost Standard for even more of your shipments to even more countries!

GlobalPost Standard Service Now Offers:

• Increased weight limit from 4.4 lbs. to up to 70 lbs.

• Expanded door-to-door tracking capabilities from 36 countries to over 200 countries.

What is GlobalPost?

The GlobalPost delivery network leverages partnerships with international postal operators as well as commercial carriers to offer worldwide delivery. GlobalPost services reach over 200 countries and territories and includes features not found in traditional international postal services.

There’s never been a better time to choose GlobalPost for your international parcel shipping.

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International Mail Updates: Lebanon Resumes Mail Service

August 10th, 2020 Comments off

The USPS as received communications from five international carriers announcing extensions of existing service alterations. Be advised that USPS packages sent to these locations may be affected. For a full list of all international service disruptions visit the Coronvirus Updates Page.

Correios Brazil has extended measures aimed at combating the spread of COVID-19 will continue until further notice. Customers should expect delays.

Servicios Postales Nacionales has advised that the Colombian Government has extended the mandatory isolation until September 1, 2020. The postal service will continue to provide mail services, however, customers should expect significant delays.

Empresa de Correos de Honduras (Honducor) has advised that Honduras will remain in lockdown ‎until August 9, 2020 or a later date to be communicated in due course.

LibanPost will begin resuming postal services today, August 10, 2020.

Trinidad and Tobago
Trinidad and Tobago Postal Corporation has advised that due to border closures, inbound and outbound services and service delivery standards cannot be guaranteed until further notice.

Can I Mail Prescription Drugs with USPS?

July 23rd, 2020 Comments off

If you need to mail prescription drugs, you’ll want to get to know federal and state laws about shipping these items before trying to ship them with the USPS. Here are the basics of mailing drugs via the USPS. You will need to be familiar with what is permitted, and what isn’t, to avoid any legal issues.

Prescription Drugs

As the name implies, prescription drugs are not available except with a written order from a licensed medical provider. You are only permitted to mail prescription drugs via the USPS if you are a pharmacist or medical provider mailing such drugs to the patient they have been prescribed to. This means that without proper medical licensing you can receive prescription drugs, but you cannot, under any circumstance, mail them.

Over-the-Counter Drugs

Prescription drugs are only permitted to be sent via USPS under specific circumstances—but what about over-the-counter drugs?

Any drug that is available for retail without a prescription is considered an over-the-counter drug. Common examples of such drugs are mild pain-relief medicines and skin creams. Anyone can mail such drugs with the USPS as long as they comply with federal and state laws such as the Poison Prevention Packaging Act of 1970 and the Consumer Protection Safety Commission Requirements.

Controlled Substances

Controlled substances are drugs in which the federal government tightly controls. These substances are placed into five categories, or schedules, each with varying regulations and mailability. Some controlled substances are treated as prescription drugs—they can be mailed by medical professionals with the proper documentation. Other controlled substances are not mailable under any circumstances. The USPS takes the shipment of narcotics very seriously, and the Postal Inspection Service Prohibited Mail Narcotics program investigates shipments of illegal drugs through the mail and works closely with state, local, and federal law enforcement agencies to combat this illicit trade.

You cannot mail a controlled substance unless:

  • You and the person you are mailing the drugs to are registered with the Drug Enforcement Agency or are exempt from the registration requirement. (Law enforcement, civil defense workers, and members of the military do not need to register with the DEA).
  • You are participating in a federal mail-back program to dispose of such drugs and follow the mailing regulations for participation in the program.
  • You are a drug manufacturer or pharmacy owner who is filling a prescription containing narcotics.
  • You should be aware that anything used to take narcotics, such as pipes or syringes, cannot be mailed under current federal guidelines.

Rules for Packaging Drugs

Controlled substances must have inner packaging that is marked and sealed in accordance with the Controlled Substances Act in addition to providing information on the inner packaging about the prescription, such as the prescription number and the name and address of the pharmacy dispensing the drug. The outer wrapping of such packages must be plain and cannot contain any information identifying the package’s contents.

Other drugs must be placed inside a plain wrapper or package.

Promotional samples of non-prescription drugs may have a brief description of the product on the outside of the package along with the words SAMPLES ENCLOSED.

It is important to follow all of these rules because mailing drugs in a non-allowed manner is considered a breach of federal law and can result in serious legal consequences. If a USPS inspector finds non-mailable drugs in a package presented for delivery, that worker is required to report it as well as reject the item for delivery.

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