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USPS Restores Military Mail to 40 ZIPs in the Past Three Weeks

April 20th, 2021

Effective today, June 4, 2020, the USPS will restore mail service to 17 Military Mail ZIPs. This announcement comes after the USPS restored service to 15 Military Mail destinations just last week. All 22 ZIPs were previously suspended on April 9 due to a lack of transportation as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Including the suspensions lifted tomorrow, the USPS has now restored service to a total of 40 Military Mail ZIPs in the past two weeks. For a full list of USPS service alterations due to coronavirus visit the Stamps.com Cornavirus Updates Page.

Mail Service to the following ZIPs is being restored:

AE DPO 09283-9997
AE DPO 09488-9997
AE DPO 09489-9997
AE DPO 09734-9997
AE DPO 09813-9997
AE DPO 09817-9997
AE DPO 09820-9997
AE DPO 09828-9997
AE DPO 09831-9997
AE DPO 09846-9997
AE DPO 09854-9997
AE DPO 09857-9997
AE DPO 09860-9997
AE DPO 09864-9997
AE DPO 09867-9997
AE DPO 09869-9997
AP DPO 96532-9997

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