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USPS Temporarily Unable to Accept Mail to 22 International Destinations

April 20th, 2020

Several international postal services have notified the USPS that they are currently unable to accept or deliver mail originating from The United States. Effective April 3, the USPS will not accept mail addressed to these twenty-two affected countries. Stamps.com software will automatically notify customers when a destination is unable to receive USPS packages—so you don’t have to worry about printing postage for a mailpiece that can’t be sent.

USPS International Destination Suspensions
The USPS is currently unable to send mail to:

• Cayman Islands
• Chad
• Ecuador
• French Polynesia
• Honduras
• India
• Kuwait
• Libya
• Madagascar
• Maldives
• Mongolia
• New Caledonia
• Panama
• Peru
• Samoa
• Saudi Arabia
• South Africa
• Bolivia
• Sri Lanka
• Zimbabwe
• Fiji
• Botswana

Additionally, the USPS has been notified of further service disruptions from international postal services. For a full list of all international service disruptions visit the Stamps.com Coronvirus Updates Page.

Correo Argentino has suspended the requirement for signature on delivery. Instead, recipients will provide an ID number that will be recorded in the signature field. Correo Argentino is also unable to transport mail to an increasing number of countries. As a result, international mail services will only be carried out where available.

Hellenic Post (ELTA) has announced that it will only be able to maintain international services to and from a limited set of countries. Due to ongoing transportation limitations, international service capacity may change daily. Currently, letter mail and packages to The United States are not being accepted.

Japan Post has announced that inbound international mail services are limited. Currently, mail from The United States is being accepted. For a full list of service advisories by country visit the Japan Post Service Alert Page.

La Poste du Mali has announced that is currently unable to meet its delivery standards. Customers should expect delays.

Public Enterprise Post of Serbia has suspended international service to 186 destinations. Currently, inbound and outbound services to The United States are operational.

Thailand Post is currently unable to provide outbound international service to a number of countries—a full list can be seen here.

Turkish PTT Corporation has advised that customers should expect delays for all inbound and outbound mail services.

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