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Stamps.com Introduces New Integration with Sears Marketplace

October 30th, 2014

blog_235x90_sears-marketplaceStamps.com is excited to announce a new USPS shipping integration with the Sears® Marketplace (known as Sears.com to online shoppers). The Sears Marketplace allows third-party retailers to sell their own products directly on the Sears.com website, as well at Sears Kiosks located inside retail stores throughout the U.S. There are over 10 million products available on Sears.com including electronics, apparel, tools and automotive products.

The Sears Marketplace is a growing opportunity for sellers to expand sales to the millions of shoppers that visit Sears.com each day. Online sellers products appear alongside Sears products throughout the website. The program is pay-for-performance with a simple and straight forward fee structure to list products.

Stamps.com Integration Offers All USPS Mail Classes
The Stamps.com integration allows sellers to import customer orders and print shipping labels for all USPS mail classes, including First Class Package Service and Regional Rate Boxes. After printing your shipping labels, Stamps.com automatically posts USPS tracking information back to the Sears Marketplace database.


Step #2 Selecting “Marketplace at Sears.com” on the “Choose Data Source” window

How to Connect Stamps.com to the Sears Marketplace
To integrate your Sears Marketplace account with Stamps.com, follow these instructions:

Step #1 Click the “Managed Data Source” button in the top navigation, then click “Add Source” on the next window.

Step #2 On the “Choose Data Source” window, choose “Marketplace at Sears.com” and click “Next”.

Step #3 On the “Add Web Store” window, you will need to have your Sears.com seller username (typically your email address) and password.  Click “I have my Credentials”.

Step #4 The next window will ask you to input:
Web Store Name:  Provide a descriptive name to help you identify the store inside Stamps.com
Username: Input your Sears seller username
Password: Input your Sears seller password

Click “Continue,” Stamps.com will verify your information is correct and will establish the connection.

Step #5 A “Profile Options” pop-up will appear. This is where you can set the Return Address, Sender Phone Number, Return Address Graphic and Hidden Postage fields. These will be set as default for all imported orders from Sears.com, but can be changed for each order individually after the fact. Once you have set your profile options, click “Done.”

Step #6 Click “Done” to close the Manage Profiles window.

Step #7 Stamps.com is now connected to your Sears Marketplace. To import new orders select Batch in the main navigation bar on the left and click “Import Orders” in the top Nav.

If you have any questions, Stamps.com Customer Support can walk you through the entire process.  Please call 1-888-434-0055 (open Mon-Fri, 6 am to 6 pm PT).

Happy Selling!

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