Happy Customer Service Week!

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Every year Stamps.com is thrilled to participate in National Customer Service Week, an annual week-long celebration where we honor our Customer Care agents for all their hard work throughout the year. Our dedicated customer care agents represent the voice of Stamps.com to our customer. They represent our company and our products. It’s a lot of responsibility but they are more than up to the task.

This year, our Customer Service Week will last 8 days to coincide with our new “Great 8 Customer Care Core Values”, a list of values that guide our customer care representatives every day.

#1 Be Passionate:  Our Customer Care agents are excited about our company and our products. That enthusiasm should be conveyed to our customers on every call!

#2 Be of Service:  We’re here to help inform and service our customers, making their use of Stamps.com as easy as possible.

#3 Be Resolutionary:  In order to help, we must solve issues and challenges that our customers bring to us each day.  We don’t allow service calls to go unanswered – our goal is to make sure all customer’s concerns are resolved to their satisfaction.

#4 Cultivate Great Relationships:  We love customer feedback!  Your suggestions help make Stamps.com the best mailing and shipping software in the market.

#5 Listen Generously:  We understand the art of active listening – when our customers talk, we listen!  It’s impossible to solve a customer’s issue unless we have listened attentively.

#6 Evolve:  Our customer care agents are always learning and growing, and that includes how we help our customers.  We accept customer suggestions and move to implement features as soon as possible.

#7 Celebrate: We all support each other and celebrate our accomplishments individually and as a team

#8 Have Fun:  You need to have fun at work to really enjoy it, and our Customer Care agents have fun and share that joy with our fellow team members and most importantly, with our customers.

We try our best to live and work by these values and our customers seem to really appreciate it. Take a look at some of the kind words our customers have shared about our team.

“Stamps.com has great customer service! Best way to retain customers is to fix problems quickly when things go wrong! :-)” Leighann on Facebook

“Hands down, Stamps.com has some of the best customer service I’ve ever (heard)” Menachem on Facebook

“@StampsCom Your excellent phone customer service just saved me like $300. THANK YOU”   Glenn, Meg and Dan on Twitter

“@StampsCom has some great customer service. #ThankYouThursday” Giselle on Twitter

“WOW!  Customer service is not a thing of the past with Stamps.com.  I was amazed and impressed with the support staff.  I called with many questions and my agent was patient, caring, helpful and made sure I was comfortable with each question I had.  If I have any questions or issues I WILL NOT hesitate to call customer service.  Thank you for being there! “  Nancy on Yelp

These are just a few of hundreds of amazing comments we receive from our customers every month. We’d like to thank our customers for taking the time to share these comments. It means a lot to us and to our Customer Care team.

Happy Customer Care week to our team! We are so grateful to have you!

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