Laser Printer Compatible Window Envelopes Are Here!

September 24th, 2014 4 comments Store Introduces Laser Printer Compatible Window Envelopes
Window envelopes are an easy, label-free way to communicate with your customers, but without the right envelopes they can be problematic when used with laser printers. The heat from laser printers can melt the plastic in the window envelopes, which can severely damage your printer. window-envelopes2

However, there’s a solution to this problem.  The Store has introduced gummed closure window envelopes with a specially formulated window designed to resist the heat of laser printers. Just insert the heat resistant envelope into your printer like normal, choose what address and postage you want printed on the envelope and hit print. Once the envelope is printed, all you’ll need to do is stuff it and send it.

Speed Up Your Monthly Invoice Process
These new envelopes are a huge time saver. Instead of manually adding the return address (via ink stamp or labels) and pasting stamps to each window envelope, you can print all of that information in one pass on your laser printer. Also, you won’t need to match letters to the delivery address on the envelopes any longer either as the address from your invoice will show through the lower-left single window.

In addition to speeding up office tasks, these new window envelopes add security and durability to your mailings. The envelopes have a blue security tint for extra privacy, the 24-pound white woven paper and a gummed closure that seals tightly.

Laser Printer Window Envelopes are $21.99 for a box of 500 envelopes.  Order some today!

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