How to Create a Mobile Website for your Small Business

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According to Pew Research Center, 25% of SmartPhone users prefer to access the web via their phone instead of a computer.

The proliferation of smartphones has made it easy for people to stay informed on the go. BlackBerries and iPhones keep us connected to our businesses, families and hobbies. However, many company websites don’t look good on these smaller screens.

By creating a mobile version of your website, you can keep these customers engaged with your company and your product whether they’re at work or on the go. A simple redesign of as few as two or three of your pages will provide these smartphone users with the information they want and need.

Is Mobile the Future?
More than 1 in 3 Americans own a smartphone, according to a recent Pew Research Center report. Of those users, 1 in 4 are more likely to use their phone to go online than their computer. Read on to discover how easy it is to optimize your site for mobile devices:

4 Tips for Creating a Mobile Website:

#1 Pick the right URL for your mobile site:
To visit a website with their smartphones, customers need to have the right URL. The easiest way for customers to find your mobile website is to create a special page within your website for them to visit. Common mobile URLs include or When a customer types in these URLs, they will be directed to the mobile-optimized version of your company’s website.

#2 Redirect your mobile users to your mobile site:
Not all customers may know that you have a mobile version of your site. Chances are they’ll first encounter the computer-optimized version of your site, which won’t look very good on their phones. Prevent them from having to zoom in and scroll around with a redirect script. This redirect script will send mobile users directly to your mobile website or specific mobile page.

#3  Simplify your mobile site and content:
Mobile users don’t have a lot of room on their screens, so you don’t want to clutter the mobile version of your company’s website. Many mobile layouts have just one column, which makes them look great on all smart phones.

The content on the mobile version of your page is just as important as the way it looks. You should make it easy for customers to navigate and learn vital facts about your company, including contact information. Details about your products should be presented in small, easily digested bites. 

#4 Don’t forget SEO and analytics
Search engine optimization is as important on the mobile version of your site as it is on your company’s main website. By adding basic SEO best practices for your mobile page or site, customers who are searching for your product or company through a search engine on their mobile phone will have an easier time finding your company’s mobile page and spending time on your website.

And don’t forget to include site analytics for your mobile page or site.  As more and more traffic comes to your site via a mobile browser, you’ll want to understand the patterns and make adjustments for better ROI.

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