How to Get a Refund for Late Delivery on Priority Mail Express

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We’ve all been in a position where we need something shipped in a rush, whether it be a forgotten birthday gift or a last-minute holiday present. This includes your customers. There will be times customers might ask for expedited shipping on an order, so it can arrive in time for a special occasion. Priority Mail Express® is a great carrier service for customers in need of expedited delivery. Plus, Priority Mail Express® includes a guaranteed delivery date, so you can request a refund if your package doesn’t arrive within the given delivery window. 

Features of Priority Mail Express® 

Priority Mail Express® includes: 

  • A next-day to 2-day delivery guarantee (by 6PM)
  • Flat rate packaging options and free supplies from USPS 
  • Tracking throughout your shipment’s entire transit 
  • Up to $100 worth of shipment insurance included 
  • The option for holiday and Sunday delivery for an extra cost 

Additionally, Priority Mail Express® includes a money-back guarantee. However, it’s worth noting that Priority Mail Express® refund requests do take other factors into consideration like the recipient’s zip code and when your package was dropped off. USPS provides a free Service Commitments tool, so you can see which services are guaranteed as well as estimated delivery dates for each available USPS service. More information about Priority Mail Express® refund requests can be found on the USPS website. 

Priority Mail Express® refunds 

If your Priority Mail Express® shipment doesn’t arrive on time and meets USPS requirements, you can request a refund for the shipping costs of your package. Refund requests can be submitted through the USPS website, and you’ll need to create a free account to start the process.   

Priority Mail Express® refunds need to be submitted within 2-30 days of the date the package was mailed*, and you’ll need the receipt and tracking number to successfully submit the request. You can find your postage receipt through these steps: 

  • Login to 
  • Click on the History tab on your dashboard 
  • Select Search Print History 
  • Locate the tracking number for the order you’re requesting the refund for 
  • Click on the info box (i) next to the tracking number 
  • Print the physical copy of your receipt*

*Note: For those using the software, you’ll first click Search on the left-hand side of your screen and then click the info box next to the correct tracking number to generate your receipt. 

Priority Mail Express International® refunds 

Like Priority Mail Express®, certain Priority Mail Express International® are eligible for refund requests. One of the biggest differences between the two is that refund requests for Priority Mail Express International® shipments can only be submitted for the following countries: 

Image courtesy of USPS

Priority Mail Express International® shipments will also need to be filed with USPS directly through their website and must be submitted within 3-90 days of when your package was shipped.  


Priority Mail Express® gives customers an expedited shipping option, so their packages can arrive quickly. Also, the option to request a refund for eligible shipments provides a safeguard for your business if the package arrives late. If you’re an international shipper, Priority Mail Express International® can be offered to your customers as an expedited option and includes a similar refund request option for eligible packages. Help your customers receive their packages in the nick of time with Priority Mail Express® and Priority Mail Express International ®.  

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