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USPS Resumes Service to 8 Military Mail Destinations

May 21st, 2020

The USPS has announced that mail service will resume to eight previously suspended Military Mail ZIPs beginning May 7,2020. The affected ZIPs were initially suspended due to limited transportation as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. For a full list of USPS service alterations due to coronavirus visit the Stamps.com Cornavirus Updates Page.

Mail service to the following ZIPs will be reinstated May 7,2020:

AE DPO 09289-9997
AE DPO 09701-9997
AE DPO 09802-9997
AE DPO 09808-9997
AE DPO 09842-9997
AE DPO 09895-9997
AA DPO 34004-9997
AA DPO 34022-9997

Additionally, the USPS has received notifications from the postal services of Rwanda and Honduras detailing

Empresa de Correos de Honduras has extended the suspension of postal services until May 17, 2020.

The National Postal Corporation has advised that due to the prohibition of passenger flights to and from Rwanda, suspension of all mail services will continue until further notice.

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