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Free! Ultimate Guide to Sept 2014 Priority Mail Rate Changes

September 7th, 2014 No comments


Need more info about the Priority Mail rate changes that are starting on Sunday, September 7, 2014? has released a Complete Guide to the September 2014 USPS Priority Mail Rate Changes. The FREE downloadable PDF includes:

  • New rates by weight and zone for postage purchased at the Post Office (Retail Rates)
  • New rates by weight and zone for Commercial Base (Online Postage) pricing
  • New rates by weight and zone for Commercial Plus pricing
  • Includes Priority Mail, Priority Mail Flat Rate and Regional Rates


USPS Lowers Priority Mail Rates – Starts Sunday, September 7

September 4th, 2014 No comments

Free Download! The Ultimate Guide to the September 2014 Priority Mail Rate Change. Download this PDF file now.


On Sunday, September 7, 2014, the U.S. Postal Service will adjust shipping rates for Priority Mail.  This rate adjustment will both increase and decrease “Retail Rates” at the Post Office, but will only DECREASE rates for postage purchased online via (Commercial Base and Commercial Plus pricing).

For regular Priority Mail purchased online (weight and zone based pricing) , the decrease in rates is focused on package weights over 5 lbs. and traveling to Zones 1 through 5.

The table below shows the NEW September 2014 prices (along with the savings compared to the January 2014 prices listed in red) by package weight and shipping zone.


For Priority Mail Flat Rate products (envelopes and boxes), there is no rate adjustment.   Get all the info on the USPS Postage Rate adjustments.



Simple Step to Start Selling into International Markets

August 26th, 2014 No comments

There are over 1 Billion buyers worldwide and e-commerce sales are expected to be over 1.5 TRILLION dollars in 2014 (Source: eMarketer) — that is 20% higher than 2013! The international market is a HUGE opportunity for online retailers and it’s only getting bigger.

International buyers want U.S. products and buying directly from the source is usually much cheaper than buying from a retailer in their own country.


U.S., the UK, Australia and Canada represent 44% of total E-commerce Sales in 2013.

Easy First Step – Start with English Speaking Countries
One simple method to get started is to start selling into the main English speaking countries such as Canada, the UK and Australia.

  • Along with the U.S., these countries represent 44% of the entire international e-commerce market.
  • Communication with these buyers is easy since English is the main language used.
  • All of these countries have good internet coverage and developed postal infrastructures already established, so packages can be easily delivered to the buyer.

Don’t miss out on this simple step to grow your sales.  Start selling to international markets today!


Download Version 12.0 Today

August 13th, 2014 No comments

We’re excited to announce that Version 12.0 is now available! Check out these great new features and upgrades:

BestRate Shopping Engine Upgrades
The USPS BestRate shopping engine allows you to easily find the optimum mail class and shipping rate for your packages. The software gets its name from the “best rate” identifier feature that highlights the lowest cost option that meets your shipping requirements. Once your rules are established in the software, will automatically select the appropriate mail class for your packages based on cost, delivery date or package size. Get more info on BestRate Shopping Engine.


Example of how to set Shipping Rules using the BestRate Shopping Engine. The feature will help ensure you are always using the best shipping rate for your package.

Presets for Barcode Scans or Keyboard Shortcuts
In Version 12.0, we’ve given you the ability to set a preset that will be applied to an order via a barcode scan or custom keyboard shortcut. This process works with either a scanner (the preset could be the barcode already printed on the product/box or a printout you keep on your desk) or by using a keyboard shortcut (such as F2). You can create a preset that corresponds to a frequently shipped product or commonly used box, for example, and will automatically populate all of the details on the shipping label from the preset such as weight, dimensions, mailpiece type and more. Get more info on setting up Presets.


Once your preset is established, you can easily set the Preset using a Keyboard Shortcut or a barcode scanner. This example shows a Preset for that has been created using a barcode scanner.

Thermal Printer Capabilities for First Class Mail Letters customers can now use a thermal printer to print USPS First Class Mail letter postage. This feature allows customers to save time by managing all shipments from a single printer.


Shippers can now print First Class Mail letters using a Thermal Printer. This is great if you have to ship simple things such as product warranty cards or instruction manuals. Version 12.0 is FREE to download for new and existing customers at

How to Apply for a Mail-In Postage Refund (Video)

August 1st, 2014 No comments

If you have a postage misprint where you print on the back of your NetStamps label sheet, or you print incorrectly on the front, you will need to mail-in a postage refund request to  Watch this video to see how easy the mail-in refund process is.

The U.S. Postal Service manages all refunds for postage misprints, and they require physical proof of the misprint for the following items:

  • Misprints on the FRONT of any NetStamps label sheet
  • Misprints on the BACK of any NetStamps label sheet
  • Misprints on any mailing label
  • Misprints on any envelope with postage printed directly on the envelope

Shipping labels that have been misprinted that include a USPS Tracking barcode are eligible for Electronic Refunds.  The entire postage refund process can be handled inside the software or web site.

Get more info on Postage Refunds