Celebrate Halloween in style with Stamps.com

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SDC Blog HalloweenThis year, Halloween falls on a Monday, but don’t let that get you down. Halloween can still be celebrated in style with Stamps.com’s mailing and shipping features!

Halloween NetStamps!
Throwing a Halloween party? Just want to say “Boo!” to a friend? We offer 15 different NetStamps Halloween designs ranging from pumpkin heads to zombies! The best thing about NetStamps is that you can print them at various denominations, one at a time, or a whole sheet in one print. They don’t carry a date, so they can be used at any time as long as the rate is current.  It’s scary how easy they are to use!

Custom Envelopes: Frighteningly Easy  
If you want to send a Halloween postcard or letter, you can print postage on various envelopes, including sizes #9, #11 and #12. You can also use our Custom Layout Designer to create custom envelopes and postcards of non-standard sizes. Click on “Envelopes” in the left navigation bar of your Stamps.com account and look for the envelope icon next to the “Printing On” drop-down list.

With the Stamps.com software, you can also add return address and postage graphics to your envelopes, so if you have a spooky image you want to use, just look for the “Graphic” icon above the “Return Address” text field. If you want to include a graphic next to the postage in the top right corner of your postage label, just look for the “Delivery Address” text field. Select the “Include Graphic” check box, and then click “Browse” to locate a graphic file from your computer.

Easily Sell and Send Halloween Costumes and Accessories 
Do you sell or make costumes? Do you have props or accessories you want to send to a friend or loved one? Stamps.com makes it easy to ship items like masks, hats, jackets and wigs. Under our “Packages” section, you can select one of our “Shipping Label” options. You can easily print a trackable label on plain paper or on one of our self-adhesive labels, such as the 4 1/4″ x 6 3/4″ shipping labels (SDC-1200).

Halloween props come in all shapes and sizes, from pirate hooks to plastic Statue of Liberty torches. Luckily, USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes accommodate most oddly shaped items, and you can order free USPS boxes and other supplies at the Stamps.com Store! With Stamps.com, you can print barcoded shipping labels for Flat Rate boxes and receive the discounted Commercial Base rate.

Have your own box or tube? No problem! In our software, just select “Package/Thick Envelope” as your mailpiece and print out a barcoded shipping label. You’ll still receive the discounted Commercial Base rate!

Keeping Your Stamps.com Address Book Current

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SDC Blog Address BookBefore you send direct mail pieces to your customers, take a moment to think about your address data. Is all your contact information accurate and up-to-date?

Here are a few tips to help maintain data integrity when it comes to your address book:

1. Check for deliverability.Make sure addresses are deliverable before you manually enter or import them into your address book. Complete an audit of your database every year and include salutation information to understand who your customers are and target them better.

2. Remove duplicate addresses.You don’t want to send the same mail piece to the same address several times. Not only is it a waste of money and resources, but also your customers are less likely to be excited to receive the same communication several times.

3. Use ancillary endorsements on First-Class Mail®. This practice will tremendously help your mailing operations and save your business a lot of money in the long run. This free service (“Address Service Requested” is included on your mail piece) lets you know if the recipient has moved and gives you the opportunity to resend your message to the correct address.

Easily Maintain Your Address Book in Stamps.com 
Stamps.com has a built-in Address Book that enables you to store and manage customer addresses. You can manually add addresses or import them into Stamps.com from an address book like Act, QuickBooks or Outlook. All addresses will pass through the USPS Address Matching System, ensuring that your addresses are deliverable. Stamps.com also gives you the option of sorting through addresses in your address book so you can only choose to print postage for a certain group of customers depending on your business need. Stamps.com also has a useful “Group” feature that allows you to segment your customers based on their behavior. For example, you can send a thank you note or postcard to all customers who purchased your product or products in a certain month.

Easily Send Easter Mailings and Packages with Stamps.com

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This year, Easter falls on Sunday, March 27, and Stamps.com can help you celebrate in style! Easter egg hunts are fun, but hunting for information on mailing options isn’t.  We want to make the process easy for you!

Customize Your Easter Cards with Stamps.com
Easter is a great time to send a card to a loved one or friend.  Everyone likes getting mail!  If you want to send a card or letter, you can print postage on various envelope sizes, including sizes #9, #11, and #12, the Personal (3 5/8” x 6 1/2”) and Monarch (3 7/8” x 7 1/2”), and the NCR Greeting Card Envelope (8 3/4” x 5 3/4”).  You can also use our Custom Layout Designer to create custom envelopes and postcards of non-standard sizes.  Click on “Envelopes” in the left navigation bar and look for the envelope icon next to the “Printing On” drop-down list.

Make Your Easter Cards Extra Special with NetStamps
For Easter, we offer two fun designs: Easter Thoughts NetStamps and Easter Basket NetStamps.  You can order these fun designs in various quantities!  Once you receive them, you can add postage amounts to your sheets, either one at a time or on a full sheet.  Want to be prepared for other upcoming holidays?  Check out our other themed labels in the same category.

Easily Send Easter Care Packages with Stamps.com

Sometimes distance separates loved ones, but we can help!  Want to send decorated or blank eggs to a loved one or friend in the US?  Remember to individually cushion each one and pack them with plenty of padding.  With our Shipping Label option under our Packages section, you can easily print a trackable label on plain paper or on one of our self-adhesive labels, such as SDC-1200.  Another fun idea is to send plastic-eggs filled with candy or chocolate.  If you’re sending chocolate, refrigerate or freeze them beforehand to keep them from melting.

Why Use Certified Mail To Mail In Tax Forms?

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Certified 1Tax season is here and it’s time to get organized!  If you are mailing in your tax returns this year, consider using Certified Mail with Return Receipt.  With this service, you get a receipt showing when your mail was delivered or when delivery was attempted and also who signed for your return, making it perfect to use at tax time.  Remember, if your tax return is postmarked by April 15th, the IRS considers it filed on time. 


Tax Time Tips for USPS Mailers

– Make sure your return is signed, otherwise the IRS will return it and penalize you for filing late tax returns!
– Make sure to deposit your returns in a collection box whose pickup time has not passed.
– If your return feels heavier than one ounce, weigh it and apply proper postage.  The IRS will not accept a return with postage due!

How To Print Certified Mail With Stamps.comCertified 2

Stamps.com makes it really easy to print postage for Certified Mail, the ideal choice for mailing in tax returns.  Here is how it works:

– Type in the destination address or have Stamps.com import it from any address book.
– Stamps.com prints all the necessary information on its built-in Certified Mail forms.
– Your mail carrier picks it up.
– Stamps.com stores all the information including Certified Mail number and certified delivery date in an easily accessible and searchable database. 

If you are a Stamps.com Premier member, you can use our automated Certified Mail forms.  With this feature, you can print postage, address information and all Certified Mail requirements (including a mailing receipt or Return Receipt) in one simple step.

If you are not a Premier member, you will need to fill out and attach USPS form 3800.

Sending Valentine’s Day Cards and Packages with Stamps.com

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Sending-Valentines-Day-Cards-and-Packages_blogDon’t get caught sending a Valentine to a loved one at the very last minute!  Use Stamps.com to make Valentine’s Day special by sending a beautiful note or gift to that special person in your life.

Customize Your Valentine’s Day Cards with Stamps.com
For your Valentine, you will mostly likely use an envelope that is not a size #10.  That’s okay!  We’ve got you covered.  In the Stamps.com software, select “Envelopes” as your mailpiece and then under the “Printing On” drop-down menu, select “More…”.  Choose from the various sizes available, including Envelope sizes #9, #11, and #12, the Personal (3 5/8 x 6 1/2) and Monarch (3 7/8 x 7 1/2), and the NCR Greeting Card Envelope (8 3/4 x 5 3/4).

If your envelope is not any of these sizes, you can use Stamps.com’s Custom Layout Designer feature to create a template for a non-standard sized envelope.  Click on “Envelopes” in the left navigation bar and   look for the envelope icon next to the “Printing On” drop-down list.  Simply start designing your irregularly-sized envelope and give it a name!  Enter the measurements of your envelope and print a sample to ensure that the postage is being printed correctly onto your custom envelope.

Make Your Cards Extra Special with Love NetStamps
At Stamps.com we believe in the power of love so much that we’ve created a separate category of our popular NetStamps product!  Our Love NetStamps catalogue includes more than fifteen separate designs ranging from hearts and candies to tandem bicycles and “matching pairs”!  You can order these fun designs in various quantities!  Once you receive them, you can add various postage amounts to your sheets, either one at a time or on a full sheet if you heart is extra full!

Easily Send Valentine’s Day Packages with Stamps.com
A card isn’t enough?  Use Stamps.com to send packages to your loved ones.  Print shipping labels on plain paper or use an adhesive label like Stamps.com label SDC-1200.  For peace of mind, track your mailpiece to make sure it arrives by the 14th!

Remember that if, you are sending chocolates, you’ll want to prevent content shifting and damage by wrapping them in insulated bubble wrap.  To keep them from melting, refrigerate or freeze them beforehand.  Sending flowers?  Use Priority Mail Express to ensure they arrive in time and looking fresh!

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